Medico-Legal Assessments


Specialised Assessments

We are able to provide highly specialised assessments for court and legal purposes.

Assessments are primarily available for young people with:

  • learning disabilities,
  • learning difficulties,
  • other neurodevelopmental conditions,
  • acquired intellectual difficulties,
  • and can also report on their associated emotional wellbeing, mental health and social.

Assessments can also be provided for for adults, as agreed.

Types of assessment undertaken include:

  • Capacity Assessments (in line with the Mental Capacity Act, 2005).
  • Fitness to plead and to cope with litigation
  • Cognitive and Intellectual ability assessments.
  • Assessment of parental and family functioning – and the impact this may have on the young person
  • Adaptive and Functional skill assessments.
  • Mental Health assessments.
  • Clinical opinion regarding the impact of personal injury, developmental trauma, medical negligence and negative life events / experiences.
Dr Peter Corr has completed specialist medico-legal training provided by Bond Solon and has experience of providing clinical reports for Civil, Family and Coronor’s courts, educational tribunals and court proceedings relating to the accommodation and placement of looked after children.

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